The Benefits of a blank canvas wedding space

With so many choices when it comes to wedding themes and designs, there’s never been a better time to plan your own wedding.

This is the perfect opportunity to get creative and use your imagination. Give your guests a truly showstopping experience that they’ll never be able to experience at any other wedding.

Blank canvas wedding venue in Surrey

Why a blank canvas theme is perfect for a marque wedding

When you opt for a blank canvas venue, you simply choose the events space without any extra features such as furniture, catering, installations or entertainment. For weddings, this can be an extremely cost-effective option, and you also get much more control over how you set up the venue and choose your suppliers.

With a marquee, you get to decide the theme you want. That means the venue will be built and designed just for you – and you can choose everything from the colour scheme to the seating arrangements and catering. Bring the outdoors indoors, so even if the weather isn’t ideal, you won’t have to worry. Likewise, if the weather is good, your guests will still have the freedom to venture out into the open air, so they won’t be stuck indoors when it’s warm enough to sip champagne outdoors!

Blank canvas wedding venue in Surrey

More spacious

The extra space of a marquee compared to an indoor venue also means you’ll have much more flexibility on the number of guests you can invite and how you can plan the seating arrangements to make the most out of the space available. So, for example, if you choose fewer installations or a more space-efficient seating plan so you’ll be able to accommodate more guests in your blank canvas wedding space.

Blank canvas wedding venue in Surrey

Looking for the perfect marquee venue for your wedding this year? Consider the Conservatory at Painshill Park.

A luxury venue in the beautiful Surrey countryside, the Conservatory at Painshill Park is the perfect setting for  both summer and winter weddings in Surrey, corporate events other special functions. With its elegant marquee interior and flexible ivory lining, it can be adapted to any style, from a traditional wedding theme to Christmas parties. Book your blank canvas marquee in the enchanting Painshill Park walled garden and look forward to an exceptional experience.

The Conservatory at Painshill Park is easily reachable from the M25 Junction 10, by train from Waterloo to Cobham and Stoke d’Abernon or Weybridge, from where you can take a taxi or the popular community-run chatterbus to reach the venue.

Blank canvas wedding venue in Surrey

Please email our events team for more information about our blank canvas venue.

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