• Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018

Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018

The Conservatory at Painshill is an inspiring setting for team-building events. The Surrey space is within easy reach of central London, and comes complete with beautiful private gardens suited to summer team-building activities. Motivate and inspire your delegates with team building in 2018. Here are a few of our favourite ideas for team-building fun at Painshill Park.


Five fun team-building activities for your next event:


Box of Tricks

Designed to test innovation and creativity, the Box of Tricks is guaranteed to get guests talking. This unique team-building game includes a wide range of challenges, offering something for everyone. Artistic team members could find themselves building a freestanding giraffe from the box’s tin foil, or constructing a pylon made entirely of marshmallows and spaghetti! Get creative with the Box of Tricks, a unique team building game ideal for conferences and corporate events. An indoor-based challenge, the Box of Tricks is the perfect icebreaker for any occasion.

Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018 -


Sports Day Challenge

Relive your childhood glories as you compete in our school sports day. Guests will be allocated to a class, before competing head to head in fun and interactive challenges. Challenges range from traditional relay races to the popular three-legged-cocktail race; you’ll be tied together and tasked with producing a cocktail before racing to the finish line, no spillages permitted! This event is perfect for warmer months, when guests can enjoy a few hours of fun team building activity before a summer barbecue and drinks.

Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018

Cocktail Challenge

Who doesn’t love a cocktail? The Cocktail Challenge is the perfect team building activity for your next event! This unique event works perfectly as a post or pre-dinner activity, allowing guests to express their creative side whilst enjoying themselves. The Cocktail Challenge enables guests to build social relationships in a fun and enthralling atmosphere, while you learn the art of different cocktails.

Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018


Treasure Hunt

Our legendary London Taxi Treasure Hunts have entertained over 200 companies. This flexible game allows an event to be tailored to your company, starting from anywhere in town and lasting from two to four hours. The hunt focuses on five essential elements: creativity, planning, choice, time management and above all, a sense of humour! Following a briefing, the teams are given a clue booklet, video camcorder, map and drinks hamper – and once they’ve worked out where to go, they’re off! Helped along the way by their surprisingly willing cabby, the teams will discover the secret final lunch or dinner destination as the final and most rewarding challenge.

Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018



Often one of the hardest challenges for employees and managers alike is to stand back and look at the bigger picture of their organisation. And that’s where Artworks comes in! Communication is key with Artworks. Guests have no idea what the overall artwork looks like, so they will very quickly realise that a single-minded approach will not work. The success of the teams lies within their ability to network with others. At the start of the games guests are split into small teams and given the challenge of producing a piece of art in gigantic proportions. For a truly unique event, we can incorporate the picture into a conference set. Artworks set build can include all the AV for the remainder of your conference.

Book Your Team-Building Event for 2018


Find out more about team-building events at Painshill. Get in touch today to arrange a site visit at this stunning Surrey event space.


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