How to Plan Your Corporate Away Day

Corporate away days. The often used term can seem intimidating to some, but with the right planning, away days can be a really valuable day for both you and your company. Motivating your employees and getting them to think differently can help new ideas flow back at the office. If you are a bit lost on where to start, read our top tips to help you get going with the planning and make the most of your away day.

Set Clear Goals

Properly planning your corporate away days is an extremely valuable practice. The better and clearer the plan, the smoother the day will run. Your colleagues or employees will value the time and effort that you put in to make the day a success.

An easy way to structure your planning is to work around the setting of the away day’s goals. Whatever the purpose of the day, goals are an important way to structure the event and also help to measure the success of the day.

SMART goals are a great way to work out what you want to get from the day, because they also work for the longer term and what the effects of the event will be after the day is over. Thinking about how the away day will have an effect long term is a great way to make the most of the ideas and progress made on your corporate away days.

KPI’s (key performance indicators) are also a great way to set and measure targets for the day. Thinking about the outcomes that you want to achieve for the day as well as further down line. It can be as simple as did everyone make a contribution.


  • Really track your progress over the day,
  • See how well your corporate away day matched up to the goals you set during the planning.

Know your audience

When planning your corporate away day, it’s crucial to tailor the activities to the attendees. Think about your company culture, how old is your average employee, what is the structure of your organisation and how many people will be attending your event? This research will help you to decide on appropriate away day activities that will benefit your employees and your company in turn.

Consider the average age at your company

The average age is something that is particularly important when looking at how the day will run. Many online suggestions for activities are aimed at companies with an average age set in the mid-20s. Consider if the average age at your company warrants a certain type of activity or if you need to approach the activities in a different way.

It is important to think about what the company will get out of the day, but don’t forget about what your employees will want to get from the day:

Will your employee’s ideas be listened to, is the integration of partners or managers an important thing to consider during brainstorming sessions or idea discussions.

Consider Using Audience Participation in Your Planning

When brainstorming corporate away day ideas, it could be a valuable idea look to key members of staff to help you create activities. When picking this staff member, it’s important to choose someone who is valuable to the company as well as being a valuable team member, as they will have a better idea of what will motivate and involve your employees. If they have a specific area of knowledge or expertise, ask them to run a session or an activity, the staff will relate to one of their own. Adding a different perspective into the mix during planning can help to create corporate away day ideas that you will really make the most of.

If you have come up with an excess of ideas for corporate away days and aren’t sure which your company will enjoy the most, there is simple solution. Asking them to vote will get people excited about the itinerary of the day and allow them to feel involved in the process of planning the event.

Plan Relevant and Appropriate Activities

Having done your research earlier in the stages of planning, you should have a pretty good picture of your organisation. This research is a fantastic resource when it comes to planning your activities. Looking at the company age and culture can be the key to choosing activities, is your company a more young and informal one or more mature and structured? Thinking about these carefully will allow you to form groups easily and plan activities that will really get the most out of your corporate fun day.

It’s important to be clear with your employees as to what they can expect from the day. If one of your ideas for corporate away days is to take part in fun and creative workshops then this is what you should tell your attendees. In a similar vein, if your away day is more focused on brainstorming and developing ideas in a new environment, you should also give your attendees an idea of what to expect.

Choosing Your Venue

When you have planned your activities, you will need to pick a suitable location. There are a number of things to consider when looking for venues.


  • Can you easily access it by public transport?
  • Is it only reachable by car?
  • Do you need to provide the transportation, perhaps in the form of a minibus or a coach?

The physical location is a very important consideration, can you easily access it by public transport, or is it only reachable by car? If you work in a company where not everyone has a car, do you need to provide the transportation, perhaps in the form of a minibus or a coach?

Once you have considered your location and what the transportation situation is likely to be, you can start thinking about how your plans will match the space. As this is likely to be one of your biggest expenses for the day, you need to make sure that the event venue you choose is ideal for your planned activities.

Some important things to consider are the type of activities; will you require outdoor space or catering options? If you are looking for something that suits corporate fun days, are there options for engaging team challenges or an event service that you could use at your chosen venue?

If you are opting for an outdoor team activity, you need to have a backup plan should the weather not hold up. Does the chosen venue have enough indoor capacity to accommodate your team and the alternative activities?

Post Event

In order to make the most of your away day, it’s crucial to think about the post-event follow up. Not only in analysing to what extent your goals where achieved, but also what your newly motivated staff can channel their energy into when they get back. Think about using the away day as the kick off day for a project that will be starting when you get back into the office. Don’t let the momentum for your away day fizzle out, it will leave employees feeling like they contributed for nothing and possibly demotivate them in the long term.

Corporate fun days can be a huge success both for you, your employees and your company overall. If your planning is comprehensive and well thought out, you will come away with motivated staff ready to dive back into their work with renewed motivation.

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