Indoor Team Building Ideas

Boost your team morale with these team building exercises

As the weather turns with winter on the approach, outdoor activities may seem less appealing. We have some fantastic ideas for indoor team building options, so you can continue to motivate your team no matter what the weather is!


Bring out the creative side of your team with this collaborative team building activity. It will hone your team’s communication skills as much as their creative thinking and help them all to see the bigger picture of the organisation. Guests will have no idea what the overall artwork looks like, so success lies in the team’s ability to network with others.

At the beginning, guests are split into small teams and given the challenge of producing a piece of art in massive proportions. Your company’s logo and branding can be incorporated in to the artwork which will be revealed at the end of the game.

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Box of Tricks

Want an activity which tests the innovation and creative thinking of your team? Box of Tricks is guaranteed to be a crowd pleaser as the wide range of challenges will have something for everyone. Each challenge will play to a team member’s strengths. Creatives will have to construct freestanding items out of surprising components whilst rational challenges will get the problem-solvers deciphering anagrams or tackling mind-boggling number crunches. The sporty types will relish the space warp which will test their balance, coordination and endurance.

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Disco Dodgeball

This is a wacky and energetic game which does what it says on the tin – get your favourite tunes mixed in with a game of dodgeball and you have a winning combo. It’s guaranteed that your guests will leave the event singing and dancing. Disco Dodgeball encapsulates the feel-good factor and is the perfect icebreaker game.

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Cocktail Challenge

This is the perfect team building challenge that can be hosted pre or post a company dinner. It is a great way for your guests to learn the art of cocktail making from creating famous classics, to rustling up wonderful cocktails with the ingredients from a basic household drinks cabinet. Enjoy a cocktail-inspired quiz or get the different teams to come up with their own concoction!

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Sushi Making Challenge

For the foodies we have this fun sushi making team building session. The workshop offers a truly fresh approach to the art of sushi making. It’s both delicious and educational where the team is learning authenticate techniques from a designated professional sushi making instructors. Why not follow the event with a sake tasting session to finish off the great shared experience!

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The above activities are an engaging way to challenge your delegates and motivate them in new and fun ways. Speak to one our Event Mangers in more detail about indoor team building

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