What makes a great event manager

Our ideas on what makes a great events management service

Planning a special occasion in the relatively near future? Then read our top tips below to find out what makes a great event manager – and what mistakes they avoid.


How event managers work effectively

Takes your ideas to the next level

Great event managers will be willing to take your ideas on board and execute them successfully. You inspire them with your ambitions, and in turn they inspire you, by taking your ideas up a notch so you can create something you may never have thought of.

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Always on the ball

Great event managers know their job involves many responsibilities – from contacting local suppliers to delegating different tasks to members of their team. Therefore, they need excellent project management skills and the ability to quickly come up with contingency plans if something unexpectedly goes wrong. For example, an events manager responsible for an outdoor event in the summer might want to choose a venue with a marquee, so the event can still go on even if the weather takes a turn for the worse.


Without passion you cannot over come the bumps and triumph when all seems lost. I can train time management, but I cannot teach passion.

Mistakes every good event manager avoids

Underestimating capacity

Good events management is about attention to detail. For example, if someone assumed that a venue with a standing capacity of 600 guests could also accommodate 600 seated guests, the event would be a disaster. That’s because seated events with tables and chairs take up more space, so it’s vital event managers can accurately determine the total capacity for every type of event. This is also particularly important for health and safety requirements, which great event managers take very seriously.

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Not providing a good service from beginning to end

From the initial enquiry to the finishing touches of the event, great event managers earn their clients’ trust. It’s their job to use their excellent interpersonal skills to communicate clearly and keep you regularly updated. Their time management skills ensure they work efficiently with suppliers and meet deadlines.

Excellent time management

The ability to coordinate not only yourself, but the scheduling of the entire team helping with the event. It’s all about planning, and re-planning and scheduling.

Not managing talent

Finding and hiring the best talent is crucial to delivering a world-class event. All great managers have this key leadership skill, taking the responsibility for choosing the right people for the right tasks so they can always bring out the best in their team and deliver outstanding events management services.

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