What makes a great spring event

Planning a special occasion this spring? Whether you’re organising a wedding or a corporate event, here are some top tips for theming.


Wedding themes for spring 2017 – two suggestions


Tropical theme

You don’t have to head all the way to the Bahamas for an exotic-style wedding this spring. With some colourful décor and other exotic touches, you can create your very own tropical themed wedding right here in the UK. This could include a Caribbean-style bar with exotic flower bouquets, beach decor like palm trees and big canvas prints of colourful reefs and pristine sandy beaches. Consider a flamboyant Hawaiian-themed cake, and why not make your very own tropical cocktail menu with Classic Mojito, Alcoholic Ginger Beer, Rum Punch, and other classic recipes.

Spring event themes - The Conservatory at Painshill

Country Garden theme

Like setting foot into a film or a 19th-century novel, the English country garden is still very popular, and there are few places more idyllic than the the Garden Room at Syon Park, one of Britain’s most prestigious events venues. It overlooks the wonderful grounds of Syon Park in west London. Despite being just 11 miles from central London, it feels worlds away from the hustle and bustle of the big city, and has plenty of outdoor space so you can plan the perfect English country garden spring wedding.

The Conservatory at Painshill in Surrey is Concerto Group’s showcase venue for Country Garden themse due to it’s private walled garden around the venue making it the perfect spring venue based in a grade 1 listed Park in the Surrey.


Corporate event themes for Spring 2017 – two suggestions

Eco Chic

Sustainability and environmental awareness have become an increasingly popular theme in corporate events in recent years. While the recent vote to leave the European Union has drifted attention away from this somewhat, businesses are still keen to show off their green credentials. This spring, create an eco wonderland to promote your company’s energy-efficient policies and strategies by using 100% recyclable materials and local, sustainable ingredients.

We really love this space with all the foliage, natural light, space and conservatory roof.

Wild West

Perfect if you’re thinking of planning something more laid-back, a Wild West spring party could include an informal buffet with a rustic barbecue theme reminiscent of trailside cooking of the cowboy era. Think Texas chilli, beefy beans, corn fritters and barbecue ribs!

The decor could be themed around mini cacti, big barrels and wagon wheels, and a saloon bar backdrop with other Western memorabilia such as pictures of the infamous Route 66. A fun game that everyone will enjoy is a big Western pub-style quiz, where everyone has to guess the year of the 100 most popular Westerns. This can also be an excellent way to raise money for a charity you may be supporting.

Final tips

Make sure the venue has enough seating and space to accommodate the maximum number of guests, as the venue will need a minimum amount of open space to meet its health and safety requirements. Plan as far ahead as possible so you’ll have the best chance of getting the venue you want for the specific date.


If you would like to speak to our events team on more spring themes and ideas then please email  events@painshillevents.co.uk

We can help you plan the perfect spring event in Surrey or one of our London venues this 2017.

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