Recherche Wedding Planning and Bridal Boutiques Picks Its Top 10 Wedding Flowers

When we think back to some of the most memorable weddings we’ve seen, in nearly all cases it’s been the floral accents that have wowed the crowd, after the bride of course.  In honour of the many fragrant beauties available, Recherche Weddings has provided us with its top 10 list of must have wedding flowers!

Number 10 – Lilies

The lily is a clear wedding favourite in anyone’s book! Inspiration from the 1940’s this large tall single bloom has a dramatic yet elegant impact in any arrangement.  Its versatility allows use in the most traditional weddings as well as finding the perfect place, with deep shades of red, for the alternative bride.  However the lily may not be the best choice for the budget conscious bride as this bloom can be relatively expensive.


Photography – Stephanie Collins Photography

Number 9 – Orchids

In the 2000’s we saw the introduction of more exotic tropical flowers, like one of my all-time favourites the orchid.  Originally from Asia and Australia this luxurious bloom found its way into weddings all around the globe.  Hanging on a long stem numerous heads decorate the most elaborate of floral centrepieces giving an elegant but high colour impact look.  Again this flower is not for the faint hearted of budget and is still a favourite of the wealthy bride the world over.


Photography – Melanie Chadd Photography

Number 8 – Succulents

This underused flower is, in my opinion, the best choice for creating that vintage look!  With its earthly subtle green tones this unusual bloom offers a different texture and feel to any bouquet.  The best thing about this flower is not its price but its ease of care and longevity of life it gives you!  Use this bloom and you will not be worrying about withering flowers by the end of the night.


Photography – Stephanie Collins Photography

Number 7 – The Sweetpea

The glorious and tiny sweetpea has seen a resurgence this year offering every bride the chance to have a fairy tale in her hand!  The array of colours available fits into any wedding or events theme.  From tiny posy vase centrepieces to full bouquets of whimsical petals the sweetpea is most deserving of a place in our top ten!


Number 6 – Gerba Daisy

This full flower comes in an array of rainbow colours and allows the bride to really express her inner vibrancy.  You want to go all out and pop some neon glow to your day, this daisy is not only brilliant at filling large places but is a seriously affordable bloom.


Photography – Stephanie Collins Photography

Number 5 – Hydrangeas

Hydrangeas one of the single best blooms a bride could use as a filling flower.  The delicate petals come in a myriad of colours so you can be sure to fit them into any event scheme.  The reason the Hydrangea is my number 5 and not number one is the price.  These can be costly but remember these are large flowers, which will have a big but soft impact, means less can certainly do more!


Photography – Melanie Chadd Photography

Number 4 – Tulips

One of everyone’s favourites, the Tulip offers a clean classy look with a medium sized bloom.  A symbol of love and in every shade of colour, you really will have versatility in the palm of your hands with your design scheme.  I have used these many times for event décor and with my number 3 favourite flower you will always be guaranteed the wow factor at your event.


Photography – Melanie Chadd Photography

Number 3 – Gypsophilia (Baby’s Breath)

Filler, filler, filler flower of the century!  This delicate tiny spray of flowers is a must at every event for filling in those spaces.  The next reason it is in my top 3, is the price.  This flower is affordable and in reach for everyone and the visual romantic delight for you and your guests will be one you will never forget.  Gypsophilia always comes to the rescue for anyone doing event décor!


Photography – Melanie Chadd Photography

Number 2 – Peony

Number 2 or number 1 honestly this flower is really up there.  Feminine, fullness and delicate romanticism is promised with the peonies petals and this flower does not disappoint.  The peony does not need to try and impress, it simply does.  Effortless and perfect for every princess in the land.  Yes this flower is expensive but this is the one to blow your budget on.


Photography – Melanie Chadd Photography

Number 1 – The Rose!

No surprise here this is the number one flower to use at any event.  The rose is the epitome of everything that is quintessentially British.  Luxurious, classy, with many different textures and varieties means most brides might have roses but there is always an option to be slightly different.  Roses are the staple of any events décor, yes they are expensive, but there is nothing quite like the rose!


Photography – Stephanie Collins Photography

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