Spring Wedding Ideas

Ideas and advice on planning your spring wedding theme

Are you planning a spring wedding and looking for some ideas on theming? Then read below for some suggestions and advice on preparing for your special day.


Spring colours and theming

Spring marks the beginning of new life, when trees become lush and many animals come out of hibernation. So what could be better than choosing a magical cherry blossom theme for your special day? Traditionally associated with Japan, a country famous for its spring blossom displays, this wedding theme has become popular all over the world, with recommended colour combinations including mint green and pink, or white and pink. Other popular spring wedding colour themes include pink and red fiesta, pale blue and white and violet and teal blue. Pantone also have released their trend colours for Spring 2017.

Spring wedding inspiration surrey

Table décor

Vibrant flowers make great focal points for the centre of each table, and if you want to make the theme authentically spring-like, choose species that naturally thrive at this time of year. Early-spring varieties include primrose, bluebells, violets, daffodils and magnolia, while late-spring varieties include tulip, iris, apple blossom, alium and lilac.


Food and drink

Choose seasonal produce for maximum freshness and flavour. For example, if you’ve got your heart set on fish as the main course, salmon is at its best in March, April and May (until September), cod is in its prime from February to April, and mackerel is best from May onwards. If you’re looking for an outstanding spring wedding caterer that can take care of every detail, choose Create Food & Party Design, a reputed catering brand of The Concerto Group.


Champagne or not?

It’s long been a tradition to serve champagne in any special occasion, be it a spring wedding or an anniversary. However, if you’re inviting hundreds of guests, dozens of bottles of bubbly could be quite costly. So, if you’d rather save that money for other things, like entertainment, why not choose Prosecco instead? This north-eastern Italian white wine is just as tasty, slightly sweeter and significantly cheaper. Better still, Prosecco has overtaken champagne to become the UK’s most popular party drink, so you can’t really go wrong!


Indoors or outdoors?

Weather wise, spring is the most unpredictable time of year in Britain. For example, a wedding on April 23rd, 2011 – six days before the magnificent Royal Wedding – would have been much too warm to be indoors, with temperatures in London reaching 28 degrees Celsius. Yet, a wedding on the same date in 2016 would have been far too chilly for outdoor receptions, with temperatures in London barely reaching 10 or 11 degrees Celsius.


Be flexible!

Consider venues with indoor and outdoor spaces, with spring showers it’s always good to have shelter form the rain. Giant conservatories and marquees with beautiful landscaped grounds, benefit from private gardens for picturesque photo opportunities, especially as all the spring flowers will be blooming.

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