Taking the stress out of Wedding Planning

When you first get engaged it can be very difficult for you and your partner to imagine what your wedding is going to be like. You will have numerous people asking what your big plans are and what wedding venue you’ll pick, yet you may have no idea what you want or even how to go about planning your perfect day. It is important for both of you and your partner to sit down and discuss how you envision your day running and what you want it to be like. You need to discuss what your budget is going to be, this is very crucial you do not want to overspend!

Our top tops for wedding planning:

Be organised

Do not rush planning your wedding, allow yourself plenty of time. If you arrange aspects of your wedding early it will help to keep stress levels down and help you to enjoy planning your wedding. Make sure you write yourself a checklist of what has been organised and what is left to be organised, this will help you to make sure you do not forget crucial pieces. There can be many different orders to follow when planning your wedding but one helpful schedule to follow is: book your venue first, catering and bar, dress, photographer, florist, cake and then entertainment. These aspects always get booked up quickly and you want to avoid disappointment and book quickly.


Identify Key Roles

It is essential to recognise early on who the key people are and what their roles will be either during the planning stages or on the day itself. This can help to delegate the responsibilities not only between you and your partner but also your family and friends. It is also important to remember that whilst it is lovely to involve your friends and family, you still must follow your own opinions and do what you think represents you two best as a couple.


Useful Tools

If you need some inspiration there are some great tools that can be utilized. For example Pinterest can really help you to see what is current and what other people have done. There really are some alternative ideas on there which can also help to make your wedding unique. Also wedding blogs are very useful, as blogs are a great platform for you to communicate with other brides and see what they’re ideas are too.


Guests Come First

Who do you want to invite? Understand your guest numbers before you go and see a venue or settle on one. You need to make sure you have enough room for all your guests and make sure that you won’t invite people that you do not want there just to simply fill the space.


Speak to people about suppliers they recommend. Especially your venue will have contacts that they have worked with in the past and feel are good and reliable. For example your photographer can tell you which florist’s blooms really pop, and your caterer could tell you about a tasty cake they have had. 8

Wedding planning can be one of the most stressful yet most fun times in your life. Take your time and enjoy it!

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