Team Building at Painshill

Want to be part of an Oscar worthy event? Well the fantastic guys at Blue Hat Team Building provided an amazing away day activity like no other! For the 80 guests at Painshill recently it was time for ‘Lights, Camera, Action AND Animate!’

Animate! is an experience based around the amazing technology of stop-frame animation. In teams, your group are given the challenge of creating a unique digital animation sequence. In order to achieve this, they are provided with a theme that can be tailored to your team, project or business.” Blue Hat Team Building

Our guests were divided into several teams where they first story boarded their animation. Then moving onto their mobile animation studios, all provided by Blue Hat Team Building, where they took their storyboards to life by capturing a series of stop motion shots. Each frame is recorded digitally and then when played back all their hard work and planning came together.

This corporate team building event offers a huge amount of scope, with a role for everyone to play and allows them to show off their creativity and flare. Communication, planning and coordination are essential in making a great film.

This was a really rewarding and different, away day for our guests and an ideal activity choice for late spring when the weather might not be on your side for an all-day outdoor activity or event.

Guest spent the day in our permanent event space, with access and views of our beautiful walled garden. To help keep the creative juices flowing the budding animators enjoyed canapés, food and drink supplied by Create Food.

With our own in-house list of top notch event and activity suppliers if you’re not sure how to reward your group the Painshill team can always try our very best to recommend and put together an amazing and engaging shortlist for you. To contact the team CLICK HERE.

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