It can be hard to think outside the box for an Easter Party. From beautiful Easter decorations in the traditional style, to some quirky alternatives, we have some great ideas for you to create the perfect Easter Party.

Easter Decorations

From Easter bunnies to white lambs and cute chicks, there are lots you can do with your decorations. Signs and banners are always a good starting point, as well as Easter or Spring themed plates, napkins and cups. You can also buy packets of little chicks or mini eggs and sprinkle them over any tables at your event. Jugs of daffodils and tulips with little props of chicks, bunnies and egg shells brighten everything up too.

The most obvious choice is Easter and eggs which go hand in (sticky) hand. Chocolate eggs are a given but decorating eggs is much more creative and fun. The starting point is to get lots of fresh eggs and pierce a hole either side of the egg using a needle (one needs to be larger than the other hole), and give it a light shake and swirl around to break the yoke. Carefully blow into the smaller hole with the larger hole facing a bowl so you can collect the egg yolk.

Leave the eggs to dry overnight and then start decorating! You can get really creative with your ideas from painting patterns, pictures, or even use felt and ribbon. Alternatively you can buy creative egg making kits if easier. Hang your decorated eggs around your event or on a tree, you could even use some to create a centre piece.

You really can create any type of decoration you want with Easter theming, perhaps a wreath for when guests arrive to the event.

Easter Party Activities

The most important and probably most obvious game to play is an Easter Egg Hunt. It will also be seen as the main part of the day, so it’s always worth putting the most thought into it. You can either do a hunt or trail, depending on the ages. For the little ones you can create a trail of little eggs that lead to a larger egg. For the kids and teens you can mix it up with a hunt with clues, leading to all sorts of surprises, perhaps even an Easter bunny or giant egg!

Other fun games to play are the egg and spoon race, where whoever makes the finish line without dropping and cracking the egg is the winner. If you’re looking for more of an arty and crafty activity, then why not get inventive with Easter Bonnets. You can literally create any type of bonnet; including egg nests sat on your head or flower and spring inspirated creations. Alternatively you could do a competition for the best costume.

The Best Part of Easter – The Food and Chocolate

Let’s face it; Easter is a great excuse to eats lots of chocolate eggs. Why not give some out as prizes at your event or as with a goodie bag to take away, it’s an easy way to make everyone happy around Easter. Include a mix of both dark and milk chocolate.

Nest cupcakes are always a popular treat around Easter or can also be used as an activity at a smaller event gathering. You can coat cornflakes in melted chocolate and then spoon the mix into cupcake cases, and place a few Cadbury’s mini eggs on top of each one and leave them to set. Alternatively have sponge cakes and piped icing creating a great nest, with a chick and eggs as cupcake toppers.

Hot cross buns are an easy option to serve for food and a lot less hassle than making lots of sandwiches, the plus side is they smell delicious on arrival. Carrots with different dips could also be a nice alternative as a lighter snack option at a party and will put people in full bunny spirit.

Enjoy the Easter holidays and have fun with the celebrations – Happy Easter!

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