Top tips on getting creative for your wedding

Here are our top tips to let your creative side come out when planning for your big day!

Whether you’ve set your sights on a small wedding for 20 guests or a huge gathering for 1,000 guests, wedding-planning can be a tricky process. Fortunately, a professional wedding planner with an experienced team can take on all the hard work so you don’t have to.

Better still, there are plenty of ways you can still get involved and make a big contribution to your special day and have a creative wedding. You can:


Tailor make your dress

Many women picture how they want their wedding dress to look and feel, but finding one in a shop or boutique that matches your ideas can be hard. Luckily, you can create and make your own wedding dress to be as unique, and as close to your dream dress as it can be. If you want to include some of the fabric or styling from your mother’s dress for “something borrowed,” this is a great way to do so. This process takes vision and time, but makes for a one-of-a-kind dress on your big day.

Creative wedding - The conservatory at Painshill wedding venue in Surrey

Make your own invitations

Prepare a personalised wedding invitation to send to each guest. Make sure you include all the key information – date, time, location, schedule, specific dress code (if applicable) and any other relevant information.

Creative wedding - The conservatory at Painshill wedding venue in Surrey

Save money by making your own décor

While it always pays to hire a professional team to manage your event, if you’re looking for other ways to minimise your costs, why not prepare you own décor? Make your own flower bouquets, or create the reception décor with friends and family. Prepare a big photo collage of all your memories and get family and friends involved.

With the venue, you can also looks at their preferred supplier list. Hire professional photographers and videographers to cover your event from start to finish. However, because of the complex editing work that is always needed with professional photography/videos (your photographer may want to select 500 photos out of 5,000 photos!), you may have to wait several days or weeks until your official wedding album is ready. Therefore, it’s a good idea to take some photos yourself so you can see them straight away.

(If you want to get a general impression of what your official wedding album will look like, ask your photographer to edit a few photos straight away so he/she can send them to you the day after)

Creative wedding - The conservatory at Painshill wedding venue in Surrey

The Conservatory at Painshill – Wedding Ceremony

Make your own Favours

A really cost efficient way to save money is to make your own wedding table favours. You can get lot’s of inspiration from websites such as Pinterest, Ecsty, and even research ideas other brides have accomplished. Alternatively think of something really unique and wow your guests with personalised and creative favours. The below example has been laser cut giving off an intricate lace like deisgn.

Make your own bouquets 

Start by deciding where you want to buy your flowers from, a local flower market or store that sells the type of flowers your after to create your own bouquet. Keep seasonality in mind, as they are the best quality and the most affordable. Research the best tips in making your own homemade bouquet’s. You could even get your bridesmaids to help and make an event out of it! You can have a flower arranging party to get your wedding party and loved ones involved.

Create a free website for your wedding

Use WordPress, Wix, or another free website maker to create your own personal wedding website. This doesn’t have to include an expensive template and state-of-the-art graphics. Just make a simple site with all the details of the event and where it will take place. Include a link in your invitation so your guests can instantly refer to it. Afterwards, you could ask your guests to post their photos and send a congratulatory message.

Creative wedding - The conservatory at Painshill wedding venue in Surrey

Plan the song list

This is a really important one! You will never forget the song of your first dance, so make sure it’s one you’ve both agreed on (perhaps after a lengthy debate!). Then prepare a song list that everyone in the audience will like. That means plenty of tunes from all the music eras – from as far back as the ’40’s and 50’s – to more recent tunes from the 00’s and the current decade. Work out how many songs you’ll need for the length of the reception. Or hire one of The Conservatory at Painshill’s excellent DJs to mix all your favourite tunes so the music never stops playing!

Creative wedding - The conservatory at Painshill wedding venue in Surrey

Don’t forget the cake!

Whether you choose a cake supplier to make your cake, a friend, family member or perhaps even yourself preparing the cake, you can certainly wow you guests with a creative cake design. leave the cake naked and resist the urge to frost it, show off the inside of the cake instead. Some brides have gone outside the box and given every table a cake, adding more emphasis to your decor. You can get really creative with icing creative shapes and lacing and different tiers. If you don’t want a traditional wedding cake try a chocolate cake or your favorite flavor – it is your day. Last but not least don’t forget the ultimate cake stand, some ideas include wooden, rustic and glass cake stands, or even suspending your cake.

Creative wedding - The conservatory at Painshill wedding venue in Surrey

We hope our tips have helped you become a the ultimate creative bride-to-be. If you would like to speak to our events team on helping you plan your big day then please email

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